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    NAB Little Creek, VA - Chaplain

    NAB Little Creek Chapel
    1160 D Street
    Norfolk, VA 23521-2399
    Phone (757) 462-7427

    CDR Dundas, CHC, USN
    LCDR Potter, CHC, USN
    LT Peterson, CHC, USN
    LT Mallie, CHC, USN

    Chapel Support Staff
    RP1 Oliver
    RP2 Mason
    RP2 Edwards
    RP3 Nard

    Additional Staff Support 
    Father Fimian - Contract Catholic Priest
    Jessica Bannasch - Catholic Religious Education (CRE) Director
    Kelley Montgomery - Music Director Little Creek
    Jonathan Moore - Music Director Fort Story

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek Fort Story Command
    Religious Program is to enrich morally and spiritually the relationships of
    all men and women to God and to one another by: providing worship,
    sacramental and/or ordinance rites, religious education, outreach, pastoral
    care and community building programs that ensure that free exercise of
    religion for all authorized personnel and their families. 

    Roman Catholic Programs

    Mass Schedule

    Saturday: 1700
    Sunday: 1215
    Monday & Tuesday: 0800
    Wednesday: 0930
    1st Friday: 1130
    Sat Confessions: 1630
    Sun Confessions: 1130

    Religious Education
    Sunday CCD: 1030 (pre-K to 12th grade at the Library 2F)
    Adult Education/RCIA: (as needed)

    Ladies Altar Guild
    Friday: 0930 (1st Friday of the month)

    Protestant Programs

    Sunday morning: 1030

    Religious Education
    Sunday School (adult): 0900 (classroom)

    Chaps' Bible Study
    Tuesday: 1145 (over lunch at the USO, 1604 Amphibious Dr)

    Women of the Chapel (WOC) Bible Study
    Wednesday: 0945 - 1200 (Sanctuary/Classrooms

    Mother of Pre-Schoolers (M.O.P.S.)
    Tuesday (2x/month):  0930 - 1130

    Fort Story Chapel

    Prayer Group Tuesday: 1045 - 1300
    Roman Catholic Mass: 0900