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    NAB Little Creek, VA - Schools

    There are no DoD schools located at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek. Students will attend school in the Hampton Roads region where education facilities are offered from preschool through college. To enroll a student, parents must bring a birth certificate and proof of a physical examination within the past twelve months. Bus service is also available if the student lives more than a mile from the school. Home schooling services as well as private schools are other options. To learn more about specific school district boundaries, call the School Liaison Officer at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek at 757-462-4483.

    School Name School District Phone Number
    Virginia Beach Virginia Beach City Public Schools (757) 263-1000
    Norfolk Public Schools Norfolk Public Schools (757) 628-3830
    Chesapeake Public Schools Chesapeake Public Schools (757) 547-0165
    Portsmouth Public Schools Portsmouth Public Schools (757) 393-8751
    Suffolk Public Schools Suffolk Public Schools (757) 925-6750